Studio Expectations

Studio Expectations

Students must practice regularly outside of the lesson and come to classes prepared with all

The amount of practice time required to achieve progress in the lesson will vary. Your teacher
will work with you in the lesson to establish practice goals based on your individual needs.

All students ages six through seventeen, who have completed two full semesters of private study,
are required to participate in at least two musical events during the school year (recitals, festivals, composition
contests, etc).   Participation in musical events provide students with goals to work towards while
fostering confidence and a sense of achievement.

Except under extenuating circumstances (family emergency, illness, etc) students should plan to
attend any NFMC, RCM, or studio event they sign up to participate in. Failure to take these
commitments seriously is grounds for dismissal from the studio.

Don’t forget to HAVE FUN!  Although there is a lot of work involved in learning an instrument, and you may sometimes encounter frustrating hurdles, in general, the process of learning music should be enjoyable.  If it’s not, be sure to talk it out with your teacher so she can offer you guidance and change things up as needed.