Fair Lakes Music Composers Forum

Student Submission Requirements:
The Fair Lakes Music Composers Forum is open to amateur composers of all ages who are currently studying music with an independent studio in the Northern Virginia area.
Students may upload one short piece or excerpt from a work in progress. Any type of musical composition from any genre or instrumentation is accepted. Pieces must be at least eight bars in length, but may not exceed five minutes of material. A midi or live performance recording is required with submission. Composers should include written sheet music with their submission. This sheet music may be notated in a classical format, in an alternative graphic format, as a lead sheet, or a printed lyric sheet. It may be handwritten legibly and scanned as a pdf or carefully photographed and saved as a jpeg. It may also be generated using a computer program such as Noteflight, Finale, or Sibelius and exported as a pdf. All entries will receive feedback from a professional composer.

The entry fee for 2020 is $30.

Participants earn a pin for each year of participation. Participate annually to collect a mini orchestra to adorn your bookbag, jacket, awards case, etc! This year’s entries are due 5/31.

Ready to submit? Contact rachel[‘at’]fairlakesmusic.com